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That’s Life

dove of peace and staying peaceful

Thanks to my fellow Board members for sharing, during the past months, some of the lessons they’ve learned since COVID-19 quarantining began in March. It was informative to see how each was impacted by and is dealing with the many … Continue reading

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Adapt, Learn, Do Differently

pair of eyeglasses over the number 2020

As the year comes to an end, I hope your vision has gotten sharper, your hearing more acute, your mind more flexible and your attitude more positive. These are the major lessons I’ve gleaned from what I will always think … Continue reading

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No Need to Be Perfect to Make a Difference

woman wearing a mask

Another important lesson to share is true insight, again by Gina Brueske. She serves as TOPS Board Secretary, Retreat Assignment and Booking Director—and she’s a KOPS! Gina Brueske’s Lesson No Need to Be Perfect to Make a Difference! We moved … Continue reading

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Be Prepared

woman writing in her journal

We’re still sharing lessons learned, and they apply equally well in the holiday season. Today we hear from TOPS First Vice President, who’s also a KOPS. Karen Tinlin’s Lesson Be Prepared! I’ve always enjoyed flying (considering it an adventure), but … Continue reading

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Accept That Life Is Hard

an unstraight line from A to B

Today’s post is another lesson learned from me, Barb. Barb Cady’s Lesson Accept That Life Is Hard If ever there was a book to reflect the feelings of so many at this time, it might be called “The Road Less … Continue reading

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Are You Listening?

two people not listening to each other

The first Board member to share “Lessons Learned” is TOPS President Rick Danforth, who is a Century Award winner. Rick Danforth’s Lesson COVID Communications: Are you listening? How often have you used the following phrases: “I didn’t know that.” “You’re … Continue reading

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The Power of “Om”

meditate to rest easy

This week’s blog comes from Deanna Bies, a TOPS Service Program Administrator and Board Member. I used to have a really difficult time turning off my brain at night so I could sleep. I had to learn to calm it … Continue reading

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