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Tune In to Tune Out

woman practicing breathing exercises

This week’s blog comes from Deanna Bies, a TOPS Service Program Administrator and Board Member. Do you think you have good listening skills? We are constantly listening to everything around us all the time—family members, television, music, street noise, pets, … Continue reading

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If You Think It, You Will Become It

raised hands volunteering

Those of you who have been reading my blog since April of last year know the power of words. We spent our time wandering through the alphabet together, building our own personal, positive vocabulary. Those blogs are archived in Back … Continue reading

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My Emotions

Woman lying awake in bed

It is a simple fact that we must eat to live—but we should not be living to eat. Food fills an important need when it satisfies actual physical hunger and refuels our bodies to keep them healthy and strong. However, … Continue reading

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Helpfully Responding to Stress

woman reading on a couch

Most of us have been stressed out more than a time or twenty throughout our lives. We have come to identify various stressors and what our most common responses to stress are. There are too many categories into which most … Continue reading

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Real People… Release Stress

The formal definition of “stress” is a specific response by the body to a stimulus, as fear or pain, which disturbs or interferes with the normal physiological equilibrium of an organism. A less formal definition is the importance we attach … Continue reading

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Real People… Don’t Choke… Breathe

Senior Woman Practicing Yoga

There you are, the game is on the line, and you have the opportunity to win for your team. Suddenly, you become nervous about being nervous, anxious about being anxious. You are at the free throw line with the ball … Continue reading

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Real People – Real Life … React or Respond

Football Players

As many of you know, I love the game of football and have since I was a teenager. All the hoopla, hype, and excitement of the Super Bowl is over, and the season just concluded. Sometimes, in spite of our … Continue reading

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