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Making Room for the Positive

woman being lifted away by a heart balloon

Sometimes I need to shut down my computer for a bit, just to clear out the clutter from past tasks and make space for new input. The circuits become overloaded with information that has to be removed in order to … Continue reading

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woman laying in bed unable to sleep

As long as I can remember, I have been blessed with the ability to fall asleep almost immediately after laying down. Friends with whom I travel remark often that I seem to be asleep before my head touches the pillow, … Continue reading

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Be Excited

hands playing the piano

Back in the day, long ago, I was a fledgling pianist. I loved playing the instrument and joining in with my dad and his brothers. All were talented and played a variety of instruments. I won’t say we were the … Continue reading

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Living Your Best Life

woman walking her dog outside

For many years, I focused incredible amounts of energy on making changes. If anything was made apparent in 2020, it was the simple fact that change happens regardless of my focus and that I will find a way to deal … Continue reading

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That’s Life

dove of peace and staying peaceful

Thanks to my fellow Board members for sharing, during the past months, some of the lessons they’ve learned since COVID-19 quarantining began in March. It was informative to see how each was impacted by and is dealing with the many … Continue reading

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What If . . .

open window overlooking a field

Sharing one important lesson she’s learned during the quarantine period is TOPS Second Vice President and Service Program Administrator Deanna Bies. Deanna Bies Lesson What If . . . In listening to someone answer a question on TV regarding the … Continue reading

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The Power of “Om”

meditate to rest easy

This week’s blog comes from Deanna Bies, a TOPS Service Program Administrator and Board Member. I used to have a really difficult time turning off my brain at night so I could sleep. I had to learn to calm it … Continue reading

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