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Today’s blog is coming to you from Carol Harper, a TOPS Service Program Administrator. By definition, the word EMOTION means, “A natural instinctive state of mind, deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.” It’s no wonder that emotions … Continue reading

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Stress: It’s Not About the Oatmeal

relaxed man reading a book on a sofa

My local supermarket had recently gone through a remodel, which included moving certain sections of the store to different locations. While this shouldn’t have been a big deal, on this particular day, it was my catalyst to a meltdown. I … Continue reading

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Hitting the Bull’s Eye

woman at a computer feeling burned out

How many times have we felt like what Deanna described as being “between successes?” Wow, that truly resonated. Just living life day to day is such an enriching opportunity for growth. As I reflected on the thousands of choices that … Continue reading

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Making Room for the Positive

woman being lifted away by a heart balloon

Sometimes I need to shut down my computer for a bit, just to clear out the clutter from past tasks and make space for new input. The circuits become overloaded with information that has to be removed in order to … Continue reading

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woman laying in bed unable to sleep

As long as I can remember, I have been blessed with the ability to fall asleep almost immediately after laying down. Friends with whom I travel remark often that I seem to be asleep before my head touches the pillow, … Continue reading

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Be Excited

hands playing the piano

Back in the day, long ago, I was a fledgling pianist. I loved playing the instrument and joining in with my dad and his brothers. All were talented and played a variety of instruments. I won’t say we were the … Continue reading

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Living Your Best Life

woman walking her dog outside

For many years, I focused incredible amounts of energy on making changes. If anything was made apparent in 2020, it was the simple fact that change happens regardless of my focus and that I will find a way to deal … Continue reading

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