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The Importance of Happiness

woman embracing happiness

Today’s blog comes to you from Karen Tinlin, a TOPS board member.  BE HAPPY!  As I write down my thoughts this morning, I’m reveling in the joy of being both at the top of my KOPS limit and content at … Continue reading

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How to “Show Up” for Yourself


Being there for each other is such a core component of TOPS!  TOPS pals and coworkers are great supporters, but cannot be with me 24/7.  So, another essential element of my journey to my best health is learning to be … Continue reading

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Support: How Best To Give and Receive It

giving support

Today’s blog comes to you from Judy Pruett, a TOPS service program administrator.  When you think of support, what is the first thing you think about?  I think of people helping each other — standing by each other, in good … Continue reading

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The Good and the Bad

person freeing themselves

I certainly had some “lightbulb moments” looking inside my “Habit” closet after reading Mary’s blog. I almost instantly discovered that I have several long, loose, flowing garments that I enjoy slipping into in the evening. In addition, I found that … Continue reading

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Time to Clean the Closet

old life vs. new life

Today’s blog comes to you from Mary Mullane, a TOPS service program administrator. Habits. We talk about them frequently, usually about breaking or kicking them. “Habit” has several meanings, and while originally defined as a garment, a habit can also … Continue reading

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One Smart Cookie

Woman reaching out for help

I love how Carol concluded her blog with the line, “I am an intelligent person,” found in both the TOPS and KOPS pledges. I have used that line many times when I have struggled to learn from my mistakes and … Continue reading

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music colorful background with music notes

In the movie, “RESPECT,” recently made about Aretha Franklin’s life, Jennifer Hudson channels Aretha’s incredible talent. At the time of that song’s release, it was a powerful statement that everyone is entitled to be treated with respect. And in her … Continue reading

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