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Keeping Focus

Today’s blog comes to you from Cynthia Mack, a TOPS retreat director. 

Keeping focus as a KOPS. The KOPS pledge helps to remind me that 'I am to be an example' -- and that is a privlege that I take seriously.

To succeed on our weight loss journey, we need to focus on what truly matters, and create a plan to achieve it. 

As the “Do the Math” retreat director, my mind gravitates to “the numbers.” 

For me, TOPS is definitely a wonderful support group that I have been a proud member of for more than 35 years, but the bottom line for me is, “weight loss” (achieving lower numbers) used to be the goal — and now as a 28-year (and counting) KOPS, my focus has turned to “weight maintenance” (keeping the numbers in check).   

Throughout my TOPS journey, the number on the scale has definitely been top of mind, whether I was losing weight to achieve my goal or working to maintain leeway once I had reached my goal. 

As I have aged, my focus of being healthy shares the importance with the number on the scale.     

Staying involved in my TOPS chapter, directing retreats, teaching the exchange way of eating, continuous learning about nutrition and making myself a priority, all contribute to keeping me focused on what I need to do. 

Giving and receiving support from TOPS pals plays a significant role in my continued success — and keeping the motivation and focus to stay on this journey. 

I keep top of mind the reminder that I don’t have to be perfect; I just need to keep showing up, learning and doing what I need to do, to be the best version of myself. 

Being the best version of myself means working the program: Counting the exchanges that I eat every day.  Counting the number of glasses of water I consume. Counting the minutes of exercise. Being involved with my chapter, helping to reinforce and sometimes simply remind myself of the importance of doing the basics well, day in and day out, no matter how redundant it may feel.  

Finally, the KOPS pledge helps to remind me that “I am to be an example” — and that is a privilege that I take seriously. 

Cynthia Mack 

Retreat Director 

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