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Are you getting started in your weight-loss journey? Or looking for motivation to reinvigorate you on your weight-loss journey? Monday Moment of Truth is a TOPS Club Inc. blog dedicated to helping people Take Off Pounds Sensibly and to making enjoyable lifestyle changes that they can keep up for a lifetime.

Monday Moment of Truth is written by retired TOPS President Barb Cady, who has herself been a member for more than 40 years.  She knows very personally the struggles related to obesity, including finding the courage to change and the perseverance to maintain those lifestyle changes in the face of ever evolving life circumstances.

Like millions of others, Barb found hope, support and answers at TOPS. TOPS Club Inc. is a nonprofit weight-loss support organization with thousands of chapters throughout the United States and Canada. Every other week, Barb shares her wit and wisdom about the weight-loss journey and life in general. Because her own TOPS chapter in West Virginia has been such a powerful force in her personal transformation, she also talks about the importance of working together, supporting one another in good times and bad, and being a leader with a little “l” in our own lives as well as in our chapters, families and friend groups.

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