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Real People…Real Chances to Succeed

No one sets failure as a goal. Yet, failure is a statistical probability in life. So, we need to be prepared to face the possibility of it. We can’t be afraid to fail. Confidence isn’t gained by the timid and fearful. As anxious as we might be in a given situation, we must find the courage to perform with strength and determination, despite the ever-present possibility of failure.

The journey to success actually has a simple formula. The formula is not commonly used because most people tend to jump to ends while disregarding the means to those ends. Successful people understand that the goals they focus on each day are very important. They must be achievable and easy to evaluate. As they attain each goal, they give themselves credit for the achievement. As their confidence grows with each success, so does their performance.

Consider this mantra: “Do fundamental things on a daily basis.” Write this down and post it where you will see it often through your day. It is a way for you to encourage yourself to use this simple formula for success.

What are the fundamental things you need to do each day to help you move toward your goal? Make a list. Pick one to do daily for this week. Don’t let the fear of failure stop you. Celebrate each day you do this one thing. When you have this firmly in place, look at your list and add another task to do daily. As you review each day, praise yourself for each triumph until you have a full week. Then, add another step. As time passes, if you keep choosing positive pathways, you will see real progress. Success is a series of choices. As long as you make the better choice, you have a chance.

I recently heard a story of a coach who, as he encouraged his players to make good choices, would add, “You never know!” At the end of the season, as they walked off the field as State Champions, he was able to remind them that “Now they knew.”

Remember, you must make the right choices if you are to have a chance to succeed! At the last weigh-in of this year, if you keep making good choices, you can look back, smile and say, “Now I know!”

I Care, Barb

Every new day is another chance to change your life.

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