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Person embracing themselves

Not long ago, I received an email from a 5-year KOPS, asking for a blog on continuing the journey. Wow, that brought me up short! I figured, incorrectly, that a member who had maintained goal that long had this weight … Continue reading

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Stress: It’s Not About the Oatmeal

relaxed man reading a book on a sofa

My local supermarket had recently gone through a remodel, which included moving certain sections of the store to different locations. While this shouldn’t have been a big deal, on this particular day, it was my catalyst to a meltdown. I … Continue reading

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How Do You Measure Success?

hands raised to help

I thoroughly enjoyed Carol Holtz’s thought-provoking blog on accountability. How many of us tend to use the same gauge over and over again to evaluate success? Sometimes what we are using to measure isn’t even the best tool. I came … Continue reading

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person standing on a scale

When you’re doing well with something, don’t you want to brag? When things aren’t going well, we tend not to mention anything about it. This works the same for our journey to better health. This is why accountability is so … Continue reading

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Hitting the Bull’s Eye

woman at a computer feeling burned out

How many times have we felt like what Deanna described as being “between successes?” Wow, that truly resonated. Just living life day to day is such an enriching opportunity for growth. As I reflected on the thousands of choices that … Continue reading

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car passing an inspection

When I was asked to write this blog, I was given the topic of “restarting.” I thought it was perfect for me, as I’ve restarted more times than I can count in most all areas of my life. There isn’t … Continue reading

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Keeping An Open Mind

woman walking toward a bright shining open door

I got so much “food for thought” from the listening message Margie shared last week, and while I was chewing on and digesting it, a related thought was triggered. A tiny voice inside my head was saying, “Don’t shoot the … Continue reading

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