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A Fun Mental Exercise

One of the greatest aids in accomplishing any goal is to enjoy and appreciate all aspects of the journey. Try this fun mental exercise.

This is my birthday week! The current journey around the sun is concluding, and another is beginning. I am excited to find myself perched on a new adventure! 

So far, to borrow one of Terri Ord’s favorite words, the journey has been fantastic

Each day, I feel blessed to “Live Life” as Zayde Wolfe expressed in the song by that name. 

How cool it would have been to know the generations of family that came before me, who had a hand in shaping who I am today. 

How amazed I will be with those who come after me. I hope my legacy for them will be a great as the one I was given. 

Today I invite you to share a fun mental exercise with me. Just for the fun of it, I am setting the timer for 10 minutes and focusing my thoughts on the actions I try to make a part of my everyday life. 

Keeping it simple and living with intention are quite important to me, even though life has a wonderful way of happening on its own, without my permission.  

With that said, here I go: 

Be honest. Empathize. Endure. Let go. Learn. Overcome. Challenge. Accept. Empower. Forgive. Appreciate. Sleep. Cook. Do good. Talk. Climb. Walk. Kiss. Hug. Wash. Play. Be kind. Wait. Reflect. Smell. Laugh. Cry. Read. Write. Relax. Enjoy. Appreciate. Listen. Be happy. Participate. Comfort. Reflect. Question. Care. Be compassionate. Repair. Help. Know. Plan. Act. 

The timer just went off! 

That was a fun exercise. I guess all of us want to do the best we can, where we are with what we have, and enjoy the journey as we go along. 

As Linda Ellis pointed out, life is all about “The Dash.” And that is where I am heading today with a happy heart, because one of the greatest aids in accomplishing any goal is to enjoy and appreciate all aspects of the journey

Learning as I go, Barb 

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