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group of hands holding up heartsHalf of the year has flown by, and I am so grateful to be out and about in this wonderful world. I had a country radio station on earlier and it must have been tuned in to whatever wavelength my mind was broadcasting on, as it played two songs about gratitude that were recently on the charts: Rascal Flatts’ “Bless the Broken Road” and Tim McGraw’s “Humble and Kind.”

There are some simple ways to let people know you are grateful, and we should practice these techniques every day. Making such a part of your life is a true win-win situation!

Expressions of appreciation just make the world a happier place.

Have you said thank you to someone to show how grateful you are for them today? It’s such a small thing, but it can have a huge impact on your life and the life of that person.
I don’t think acts of thankfulness ever go out of style. You feel happier making the gesture, the recipient feels happier as well, and the impact of that small gesture ripples out into our world.

Sincerity, kindness, empathy, and comfort need to be nurtured and encouraged every day. Bad things will still happen, but caring concern can help us make it through the tough times. Below are a few little things that work for me to show my thankfulness.

1. Create a gratitude ritual. As the day starts and closes, close your eyes and appreciate the people and things for which you are thankful. That includes you who are reading this blog!

2. Send a thank-you note. It doesn’t need to be formal — just a brief note by mail or email, mentioning a specific thing someone has done for you. It only takes a minute!

3. Give a hug. Give whatever is appropriate: a fist bump, high five, a virtual hug, big smile, a sign of caring, or a real hug, if possible.

4. Give thanks for today! Celebrate being alive and in the world another day. Be glad you woke up on the top side of the dirt and received another present to enjoy.

5. Do someone a free favor. Without expecting anything in return, do something nice for someone. Let the person in line behind you with a couple of items go through the checkout before you. Pay for the coffee of the person in front of you. Take someone’s cart to the return area. Open a door for someone. The list is as long as your awareness and actions speak stronger than words.

6. Give a little gift. This works so wonderfully for little children.

7. Give someone a list of all they’ve done that you’re grateful for. Take five minutes and write out a list of things you love about someone or things they’ve done for you that you appreciate. Then leave it somewhere for them to discover during the day.

8. Acknowledge someone publicly. While they would never ask, most people enjoy being praised publicly.

9. Surprise someone with a small kindness. Surprise is the key. Do something unexpected: a special dinner, washing the car, or a note in a lunch bag. You get the idea.

10. Say thanks even for negative things in your life. This is the hardest one. However, some of the greatest lessons I’ve learned are from just such circumstances.

Let’s get out there and “make someone’s day” brighter!

I Care, Barb

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