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Find the Way

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I’ll jump in here to share one of the many lessons that I’ve learned. It is my privilege to serve as Chairman of such a remarkable Board of Directors during this time. Barb Cady’s Lesson Find the Way Of the … Continue reading

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Overcoming Inertia

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The next contributor to our knowledge base is Gina Brueske, who is also TOPS Board Secretary, Retreat Assignment and Booking Director, and a KOPS. Gina Brueske’s Lesson Overcoming Inertia One of the first things I learned during the pandemic is … Continue reading

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Win with Positive Thinking

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The next person relating her lesson is our newest Board member, Carol Holtz, who is the granddaughter of Esther S. Manz, TOPS Founder. Carol is also the TOPS Online Facilitator. Carol Holtz’s Lesson Win with Positive Thinking Over this time … Continue reading

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Are You Listening?

two people not listening to each other

The first Board member to share “Lessons Learned” is TOPS President Rick Danforth, who is a Century Award winner. Rick Danforth’s Lesson COVID Communications: Are you listening? How often have you used the following phrases: “I didn’t know that.” “You’re … Continue reading

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Life is still a Cabaret!

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This was to have been a blog celebrating our wonderful KOPS and TOPS accomplishments at our final IRD in Niagara Falls. As all of us are well aware, things changed! In mid-March, as “Safer at Home” proclamations were made throughout … Continue reading

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Take the Road Less Traveled

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Road construction and repair following a typical West Virginia winter is in full swing. (Our last snow was in May.) Detour signs are popping up all over and it seems that some of my favorite routes will be closed for … Continue reading

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“Turn left in 1.3 miles,” the disembodied, calm voice proclaims… In today’s society, almost everyone is familiar with the monotone voice of the GPS—a fascinating bit of technology which, when given the appropriate information, will plot your course to arrive … Continue reading

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