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Real People… Real Failure

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No one sets failure as a goal. Yet, failure is a statistical probability in life, and we need to be prepared to face the possibility of it. We can’t be afraid to fail. Confidence isn’t gained by the timid and fearful. As anxious as we might be in a given situation, we must find the courage to perform with strength and determination, despite the ever-present possibility of failure.

The journey to success actually has a simple formula. It is one that is not commonly used because people tend to jump to ends, while disregarding the means to those ends. Performance, after all, is an end. Successful people understand daily performance goals are very important. The goals must be achievable and easy to evaluate. As I reach a goal, I need to give myself credit for the achievement. My confidence grows with each success, and I will perform better as a result.

How do you handle the fear of failure? Success is a choice, and as long as you make the choice, you have a chance. You never know what you can accomplish unless you try. If you make small, consistent changes each day, imagine what the results might be at the end of the year. Remember, you must make the choice…if you are to have a chance!

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