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Today’s blog is coming to you from Carol Harper, a TOPS Service Program Administrator.

By definition, the word EMOTION means, “A natural instinctive state of mind, deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.” It’s no wonder that emotions are so complicated – not only is there an overwhelming number, but the reactions are also JUST AS complicated.

Let’s talk about the most common emotions that we may encounter on a daily basis: Happiness, sadness, disgust, surprise, fear and anger. Each one is unique, creating different feelings on the inside, yet the visible reaction on the outside could possibly look the same. Let’s take sadness, for example. When something makes us sad, a likely reaction to the emotion is crying. And when we are extremely happy, one reaction can be crying. And fear – many times, we enter the fight-or-flight syndrome. Then how is it we can have different emotions, but the reactions are identical? This means it can be difficult to know how people are feeling, simply judging by the reactions.

If that is the case, it’s not the emotion that needs attention, since it is generated automatically – but rather the reaction that needs our undivided attention. With no specific guidelines to follow or rules to abide by – how do you react to emotions?

The answer for some, leads me to another question: How did mindless eating become a reaction? We’ve even given it a name – emotional eating. Did it ever solve any situation, or did it create a new challenge?

So, at the end of the day, it is emotions that drive our actions and reactions, that become our behavior – and behaviors become habits. We need to rethink what we’re doing and put in place a better solution. What else can we do?

Be attentive to emotions, recognize them when they happen, and if you cannot control it, then manage them, one day at a time. Emotions play an important role in our life. It can define who we are – I am an intelligent person!

Carol Harper
Service Program Administrator

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