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Attitude is Everything

Today’s blog comes to you from Terri Ord, a TOPS retreat director. 

The goal was for all of us to help each other keep PACE (Positive Attitude Change Everything).

“I think I can! I think I can! I know I can! Choo choo!” 

Our lives changed when COVID hit our world. We all felt like an earthquake was shaking the very core of our existence. 

I had felt a similar earthquake with more magnitude, feeling total destruction of my world, when I lost my oldest son in a boating accident. 

It was during that massive earthquake that I self-taught myself how to grab on to what I could that was positive to keep me from being swallowed by what I called “the pit.” 

I knew my son would not want me in that dark place. Those same tools have carried me safely through the pandemic. 

I would like to share a few of my tools with you today.

My #1 positive attitude tool is PACE! 

It is an acronym I created, which stands for Positive Attitude Changes Everything! 

During the chapter shutdown from COVID, I created the PACE Express Train, and sent two emails weekly for 59 weeks with inspiration messages, cartoons, videos, TOPS education, and challenges, plus sharing and caring from passengers who, at the beginning, were fellow retreat attendees. 

The goal was for all of us to help each other keep PACE (Positive Attitude Changes Everything). 

With more chapters back to meeting, I send a PACE Express Train Special Edition once or twice a month. 

If you want to become a passenger, just email me at and travel with us!

My #2 positive attitude tool is to stay active.

I have learned I cannot be sad or mad or frustrated when exercising. So, with earphones in, I walk or dance to country music! 

My theme song is “Elvira,” and it is my go-to for getting me out of a funky mood! 

I also exercise every morning for 30 minutes in our park pool, when the pool is empty, to “ground” myself with gratitude. 

My #3 positive attitude tip involves the idea, “Why not make being at home productive?” 

This was a total winner because I had wanted to clean out all my closets, drawers, cupboards, catch-all hiding places — and here was my perfect opportunity! 

If you have ever cleaned out a closet that has been bugging you for years, then you know what I am talking about. You are totally happy with yourself, and how sparkly everything looks! 

Plus, you have lots to give to those in need. 

PACE thinking has helped me through rough times. I even made a physical reminder to keep handy. It is my “Instant PACE Fixer Upper.”

Go to any hardware section of a store and buy an inexpensive light switch. Put it together.  Then, when your attitude needs adjusting, flip your PACE light switch and turn back on your positive attitude. It works!   

Terri Ord 

Retreat Director 

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