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Real People… Real Reference Group

Who do you spend the most time with? Who are the people you most admire? Are those two groups of people the same? If not, why not? The people with whom you habitually associate are called your “reference group.” According … Continue reading

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Real People… Real Daring

At the park where I walk, I watch a group of kids who play there almost every day. Some are out front leading the way, some are at the back of the pack struggling to keep up and several are … Continue reading

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Real People… Real Failure

No one sets failure as a goal. Yet, failure is a statistical probability in life, and we need to be prepared to face the possibility of it. We can’t be afraid to fail. Confidence isn’t gained by the timid and … Continue reading

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Real People… Real Potential

I recently read a story of a St. Louis doctor who met a young man in high school who had lost his hand at the wrist. When the doctor asked about his handicap, the young man responded, “I don’t have … Continue reading

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Real People… Can Change Habits

Yesterday, I was going through some notes, emails and assorted clippings and came across a piece that I had clipped from a newspaper when I was struggling with quitting smoking. I so wanted to eliminate that habit from my life … Continue reading

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Real People… Reconnect

Anything that separates us from the impact our words and actions have on other people could lead us down a dangerous path. This separation is called abstraction. With the use of so much faceless online communication, we create another layer … Continue reading

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Real People… Real Craftsmen

“His card simply read Carpenter and had a phone number in big bold print. He went on to explain that while he gets jobs as a carpenter, he approaches his work as a craftsman. ‘A carpenter builds things. A craftsman … Continue reading

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