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Refracted Fridays

Aim for the Stars: Staying Hydrated

the constellation Aquarius

The constellation Aquarius serves as an excellent signpost to remind us of the importance of staying hydrated. Nevertheless, how much water do we need to drink each day? The age-old advice that spans across the universe is to drink eight, … Continue reading

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Aim for the Stars: Healthy Eating

the constellation Pisces

You may have heard the expression, “A calorie is a calorie is a calorie.” Therefore, if this is true, it shouldn’t really matter where you get them from. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. We are complex beings and the constellation, … Continue reading

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Aim for the Stars: Handling Misinformation

the constellation Taurus

As you continue using the Orion signpost to help you hunt for answers, you must be able to sift through all the data that exists. Taurus, the Bull, will serve as a reminder to be careful in what you see, … Continue reading

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Aim for the Stars: Hunting for Answers

the constellation Orion

As we continue on the next leg of the journey through the night sky toward a healthier lifestyle, we have many questions. With many questions, there are many answers. We need to hunt for the correct answer that applies to … Continue reading

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Aim for the Stars: Finding Your Balance

the constellation Libra

Life can get quite chaotic. We try to control events around us, and all we can do is our best. Making progress when things are moving along smoothly is easy, but how do we handle interruptions to the fluidity of … Continue reading

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Aim for the Stars: Take the Lead!

Bootes Constellation

On any journey, no one wants to be left behind, and yet some are reluctant to lead. This week’s signpost helping us on our journey is the constellation Bootes, the Shepherd. By definition, a shepherd is one who guides or … Continue reading

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Aim for the Stars: Look for Your First Signpost!

Sagittarius constellation

As humans, when we try to figure out what we want to do or where to go, we tend to look UP. How far up do you look? As I struggle on my TOPS journey, I find that I need … Continue reading

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