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While I continue to Follow the Signs to a healthier lifestyle, I am reminded of times when the need to MERGE was necessary. Just like what is expected on a highway, there are many reasons to MERGE or YIELD to oncoming traffic.

You must take care when trying to MERGE. Planning will prevent unsafe maneuvers.

INFORMATION I learned early when I joined TOPS helped me realize it was necessary to MERGE my efforts. Combining my task of cutting back on FUEL consumption and increasing my physical activity helped me look at ALTERNATE ROUTES to assist me on my journey.

You must take care when trying a merge. Planning will prevent unsafe maneuvers.

Sometimes a MERGE is necessary due to an obstruction on the path. Coming out of the pandemic, enough members from my chapter did not return that we considered disbanding. After looking at ALTERNATE ROUTES, we found a chapter that met on the same day and time and was only a few miles from our current location. This MERGE was the best move for me as now there were more members to act as a FLAGGER.

A proper MERGE of similar concepts can create a wider lane allowing more options and support for members.

I have often used a famous quote from Henry Ford at various times in my life. The quote is “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

My wife and I joined TOPS together. The MERGE of our efforts to lose weight and get healthy is a winning combination. The MERGE helps us support each other and get through the remaining 167 hours in a week that we are not at a chapter meeting.

Finding a friend, family member, or spouse to join you may be just the MERGE you need.


4 thoughts on “TOPS Healthy Lifestyle: Follow the Signs – Merge

  1. Hello Rick … thanks for this one. With summer ahead … lots of fruits and veggies I don’t see a problem but I’ll keep my eyes open for an alternate route if one is needed. I’ll check out visitor parking a bit later. Anna (TOPS Winnipeg 4783).

  2. Loved this post. ie: I need to exercise caution around the bakery and candy aisles in supermarkets….

  3. Just live your lessons! Do miss the recorded talks. Keep up the good work!
    CO 0628

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