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My journey to a healthy lifestyle has been one of my greatest challenges. How could I find the right INFORMATION for me? Prior to finding TOPS, trust me when I say that I tried almost everything to lose weight.

Since there seems to be so much INFORMATION available on any topic I wish to refract on, how do I know what sign to follow? My dad used to say, “With all the new ways to get INFORMATION, why are people not smarter?” This is from the man who could fix anything without using YouTube or Google.

Dad posed a great question though, and my only response is that the INFORMATION may not always be correct or understood. Sifting through the data can be a challenge.

We all interpret INFORMATION differently based on our experiences. I have always been inquisitive, always trying to find the best angle to solve a problem, reading anything I could find. This may explain why I became a microbiologist or enjoy Sherlock Holmes stories. I will always ask “Why?” and remember that if something sounds too good to be true, it may require a little more investigating.

Growing up there was an advertisement that stated, “Four out of five dentists recommend sugarless gum.” I always wanted to know more about the fifth dentist and why they did not all agree.

Now I have INFORMATION to know that it is not necessary to all agree on something, Again, we all process INFORMATION uniquely. 

We all interpret information differently based on our experiences.

The quest for INFORMATION must never be squashed. Asking questions should always be encouraged. Just don’t let the quest for INFORMATION get in the way of progress.

TOPS has provided valuable INFORMATION for my journey to a healthy lifestyle. When I was looking for numerous ways to lose weight, that was my focus. TOPS has proven to me that being healthy is just as important as achieving a prescribed goal.

In a TOPS chapter setting, four out of five members may embrace the same INFORMATION in losing weight. However, let us not forget about that fifth member who may be using different INFORMATION. Since we are encouraged to connect with our healthcare provider, we can get more INFORMATION from the fifth member that may be something useful to help us get through a roadblock. We just need to ask why and follow the signs.


5 thoughts on “TOPS Healthy Lifestyle: Follow the Signs – Information

  1. I just read all the follow the signs information. I loved it cause weight loss is very hard work. I am sure every person can relate to them all. Also very true we are all different and we have to learn how own bodies work to know what’s good for us. Thanks for the great read.

  2. We found in our TOPS Club any type of game where money is involved we seem to have better losses. 124 Louisville Ky.

  3. As Rick said in his blog, things work for some and not for others. You just try to help as many as possible.

  4. I like your analogies that you post… they are very profound and thought provoking…
    It all gives us “More Food For Thought”!

    Keep up the good work… and belated “Happy Groundhog Day”… I spent yesterday looking to see if the groundhog would see his shadow… we have beautiful sun & blue sky this morning!!! (although it’s also -4 C, which we haven’t been below 0 for many days now!?!?)

  5. Hi Rick,
    I would like your opinion on contests where you can only participate if you lost that week. we have done a basket that if you lost, you put your name in for a chance to win. This month, we are doing squares where for every half pound lost you can buy a square. The winner will receive $25.00. Do you see these contests as incentives?

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