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When on any journey, knowing where to find FUEL is especially important. Regardless of whether it is fossil or electrical, the energy I use to power my vehicle soon will be used up. The need to replace, recharge, or conserve must be part of the plan. Also, I may be able to change my vehicle choice depending on what FUEL is available or less expensive. 

The energy I use to FUEL my journey to a healthy lifestyle and lose weight is equally important. However, unlike a car that I can trade in or upgrade, the vehicle I was born in is the only one I get. I needed to explore diverse types of FUEL in order to make this vehicle I live in last for as long as I can. 

The energy I use to fuel my journey to a healthy lifestyle and lose weight is equally important.

Learning the distinct types of FUEL is not as easy as I thought. Eating fast food did not help me to run fast. I did not pay much attention to what I consumed early in my life. Sure, I am of the generation where I was taught to clean my plate, but I cannot blame my weight gain on that alone.  

Prior to my joining TOPS and honestly, also during my first few years as a member, I just thought if I reduced my calories (cut back) and moved more (exercise, ugh) I would lose pounds. It seemed logical to me. Hey, if I needed to consume 1,500 calories a day, surely it did not matter if all the calories were cake and ice cream. Well, that was inaccurate INFORMATION

Balance is the key to anything I do. Working too much, playing too much, spending too much, and eating too much is not living life sensibly … remember, SAFETY FIRST.  

I have benefited by learning and understanding the Exchange Program. I am by no means an expert, but I make it work for me. The basic knowledge that calories come from carbs, protein, and fat was lost to me, despite my educational background. I just wanted to eat to feel good and get that comfort. 

Mixing up the six exchange groups (starch, meat, fruits, vegetables, milk, and fat) helps me stay balanced. I also learned something that still, to this day, intrigues me. While speaking about the pros and cons of probiotics at a microbiology conference, I stated that it is exceedingly difficult to change or enhance the gut microbiome with over-the-counter probiotics for many reasons. As I listed out various foods that influence gut flora, I boldly stated that it reminded me of the Exchange Program. Now, my audience was not comprised of TOPS members, so I quickly got back to my presentation. But I did receive many questions after the presentation about what TOPS Club was. 

I need to edit that presentation for a TOPS Talks, or an article in TOPS News. But for now, I remember what types of food I consume to FUEL my body, and this makes my vehicle run more efficiently – and makes a significant difference for my journey to a healthy lifestyle, and you as well … and I am not “fueling.” 

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