TOPS Healthy Lifestyle: Follow the Signs – Speed Bump

Even when I follow the signs, I realize that not all journeys will be smooth. That dreaded SPEED BUMP sign will pop up, reminding me that I am now and always will be UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Despite seeking ALTERNATE ROUTES, obeying the TOLL AHEAD sign and planning to STOP and get the right FUEL, there is always going to be a SPEED BUMP. 

Weight loss is never going to be linear. You are going to do the right things and there it is…a gain, right when you least expect it. It is what we do after we hit that SPEED BUMP that will enhance or derail success. Do we YIELD and give up? Do we take a DETOUR and get lost?

It is what we do after we hit that speed bump that will enhance or derail success.

Since it is nearly impossible to weigh the same each week, I prepare myself for the scale. I know that the scale is just one tool to guide me on my journey. I know that following the right signs may not show a loss this week but that loss may show up next time. There are also times when I may have taken a DETOUR or did a DRIVE THRU weeks before and the expected SPEED BUMP never happened.

Knowing what may have caused a SPEED BUMP can be beneficial. Looking at a journal may provide INFORMATION that may have been forgotten. I may need to MERGE several ways to get back on course.

Before I understood the full benefits of the TOPS philosophy, I would let a SPEED BUMP undermine my way. I would exceed my SPEED LIMIT, bypass the DANGER AHEAD warning and definitely not follow the SAFETY FIRST advice. 

Now when I announce I hit a SPEED BUMP, it is comforting to hear the support of TOPS members. I realize the road will always have its ups and downs. Hitting a SPEED BUMP is not a sign of failure. True success is to find that healthy weight range and stay between the guard rails.

Life will always be full of SPEED BUMP signs. Find that FLAGGER AHEAD and get the right INFORMATION to help restart your journey to a healthy lifestyle. Just follow the signs.

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