TOPS Healthy Lifestyle: Follow the Signs – Yield

I am resisting the mindset to call this next sign, or any sign in this Follow The Signs series, as the most important. One might say I will not give in to the temptation to do so.

The YIELD sign is indeed another sign that I have come across on my journey to a healthy lifestyle. Its importance stems from how it signifies situations in which I need to proceed slowly to assess what is happening in the moment.

I have talked about how critical momentum is on any journey. Coming to a complete STOP may interfere with progress but if I learn to YIELD correctly, I can keep moving while at the same time checking my surroundings for any hidden dangers.

Embracing the YIELD concept also allows me to prepare to take a different path that leads away from any dangerous situations that could cause me to gain.

My weight loss journey has been filled with many dangers that had I not learned to YIELD at the proper time, I would not have enjoyed the success that I’ve had. My refracted view of the YIELD process is there are times when it is necessary to give way and let the moment pass.

By using the YIELD sign, I can let things calm down. I have to let others pass so my progress will not come to a STOP, be blocked or get tied up in traffic.

Weight loss is not an easy journey and there is so much information speeding at me that if I am not ready to YIELD, there is a good chance I will get run over.

TOPS has provided me with many options to YIELD correctly. By that I mean I learned to follow my own course and not others. TOPS allows a process that fits my needs, encouraging me to YIELD.

Remember, to YIELD is not giving in or giving up. It is just slowing down to review and get your bearings along the way.

By following the right signs, it may just continue to YIELD a productive process.


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