TOPS Healthy Lifestyle: Follow the Signs – STOP

Here is the second sign of my new series and you all must be wondering: Is it the last one? No, but I do need to STOP.

Many times during my journey to a better and healthier life, I needed to STOP. I needed this time to assess where I was and whether I should make a course correction.

Many times during my journey to a better and healthier life, I needed to stop. I needed this time to assess where I was and whether I should make a course correction.

It is easy to say to oneself to STOP eating late at night, STOP eating junk, STOP being a couch potato or STOP putting things off until the next day. It may be easy to say but it is much more difficult to do.

This is why it is best to STOP to review what information I have gained and learned from past endeavors to help my cause. I definitely do not want to STOP using the support and accountability that I get from TOPS.

Following the right signs will help, following the wrong signs could possibly do more damage. I am glad that TOPS will never STOP providing correct, valid evidence in TOPS News, on the TOPS website and during TOPS Talks concerning all the newest things out there for me to use in charting my own course. We should all use the information TOPS provides to guide us in communication with our healthcare providers. Yes, the choice is ours and we all need to STOP being judgmental on how others plot their course. There is no right or easy way to lose weight.

While it is fine to STOP and check the signs, I need to remember to start up again. Maybe that is why this STOP sign is so tricky. I know it is good to STOP some behaviors, but at the same time, I need to STOP and find new ways to STOP old habits.

Once again, I must remind myself that this will never be an easy journey and I must always reach out for support. I could have never accomplished what I have if I had tried to do it alone.

If I get stuck or seem to STOP dead in my tracks, I will remember that the STOP sign is the toughest one. Getting to the other signs will be helpful, I just need to look at this STOP sign and realize that if I move the first letter to the end, STOP becomes TOPS and I am back on course. I will never STOP TOPS.


5 thoughts on “TOPS Healthy Lifestyle: Follow the Signs – STOP

  1. Sometimes is it necessary to STOP and check out what is coming at us. Like a huge birthday celebration or some other event that could cause us to crash. STOP reminds me to look ahead and prepare for any oncoming obstacles. Then proceed with caution remembering our personal goal and staying on track. Another STOP is in the grocery store. STOP and ask yourself do I really need this. STOP is a very important road sign.

  2. Thank you for this timely message. As we face a new year with a new opportunity to become a new us. I wish I knew how to get more men involved in TOPS.

  3. As I was reading this information about “STOP”, I was thinking about how it reminded me that those are the same letters in the word “TOPS”… and then “Low & behold” your last paragraph put it all into that very perspective.

    Thank you for your profound “Sign of the Times”, so to speak.

    Looking forward to your future blogs…

  4. I absolutely love your refracted Fridays. I look forward to these posts and will be using them as meeting Programs for 2024. Thanks for all the time you give us. All the best in the New Year.

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