TOPS Healthy Living: Follow the Signs – Drive Thru

The next sign I want to refract on is the infamous DRIVE THRU sign. This sign has two concerns which are of equal importance on the journey to a healthy lifestyle.

It bears mentioning that the first DRIVE THRU sign used at a restaurant was in Springfield, Missouri in 1947. If that sounds familiar, Springfield is also where Seeds of HOPE, our first global wellness conference, will be held.

Since 1947, there has been an explosion of DRIVE THRU signs. There are DRIVE THRUS for restaurants, coffee shops, banks and probably other uses that I am not aware of. I wish I could say that as a TOPS member, I have never used a DRIVE THRU service. It is not lost on me that if pull my car into the last row of the lot marked for VISITOR PARKING, I could increase my steps for the day. But yes, I use a DRIVE THRU for convenience and as a time saver. We can have a discussion if sitting in a long line of cars is really a time saver, but that’s for another day.

In a society where convenience is paramount, I need to do a better job of using the time I save more effectively. Or just STOP using the DRIVE THRU when I go out for coffee or use the ATM. I have also noticed that there are many more places in the back of the lot than in front, so the aggravation of finding a spot is certainly diminished.

In a society where convenience is paramount, I need to do a better job using the time I save more effectively. Drive Thru

Getting more steps is vital, but how we use our TOPS meeting is equally important. On occasion, I have used my meeting as a DRIVE THRU. For various reasons, I have just walked in, gotten weighed and then left. Sometimes it was because I had another commitment that evening or I just did not want to stay to admit I gained.

By doing a DRIVE THRU, I am missing out on any INFORMATION a FLAGGER may share that night. Accountability is just as important as staying at a meeting. My refracting tells me that staying at meetings is part of the reason for my success in a healthy lifestyle.

TOPS Rule Change

TOPS never stated you should not weigh in at a meeting. The rules were modified by removing the penalties if you chose to attend and not weigh in. These modifications also allowed TOPS members who sought ALTERNATE ROUTES of support to participate in recognition. There are many non-scale victories that can be used to be accountable.

As we continue to be UNDER CONSTRUCTION, remember rule modifications don’t affect how an NGM (no gain meeting) is described. If five members stay home or decide to attend but do not weigh in, it does not affect the NGM. I am not going to ask how a member who does a DRIVE THRU is perceived, since an NGM in any format is just a fun thing to brag about. But what type of DANGER AHEAD happens when after hearing ten members state they had a loss, the eleventh member is squirming in their seat wishing they had done a DRIVE THRU.

4 thoughts on “TOPS Healthy Living: Follow the Signs – Drive Thru

  1. I really like all the latest changes and the updates you are sending to members! Keep up the good work as it helps us all the stay involved in TOPS!!!!

  2. I am so glad that a member is able to attend our TOPS meeting without weighing. I don’t believe it should become a habit, for me, because I need to get on the scales to maintain my KOPS status. It helps me stay within my limits. To me the most important part of TOPS is the support of the forever friends that I have met. We are here to help each other. When someone does not weigh in, we are glad they came. It may be that the motivation to lose will begin at that days meeting. I am happy that there have been improvements in TOPS rules. As a 56 year member of TOPS, and leader of our Chapter, the many options we have for our members is why we are here to help so many. Thanks For Your Help. Pearl Moll TOPS CA 1814, Auburn

  3. Thank you so much for this information! You are doing great and I’m glad you are our shining example! Love and friendship from Theresa in Charleston!

  4. I appreciate these blogs. thank you for taking the time to write them up and tell us about your experience.

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