TOPS Healthy Lifestyle: Follow the Signs – Under Construction

I am excited to announce my next blog series for Refracted Fridays. I have shared my thoughts and opinions while I took “Aim for the Stars” and looked for “SENSE-ble Healthy Living” just by using the basic elements of life from the “Periodical Table of TOPS.”

This new series called, TOPS Healthy Lifestyle: Follow the Signs will share my refracted thoughts on various directions on how to proceed on the journey to better living.

As with the other series, I have no issues starting the process and I usually know when and where the series will end. It’s what happens in the middle that makes me anxious. This also applies to my weight loss and may explain the ups and downs I have experienced.

That anxiety is what seems to knock me off my stride. So, like this new series and my journey to be the healthiest I can be, the sign Under Construction seemed to be the best first sign to use to kick this off.

I wish my quest for a better quality of life would have been Under Construction much sooner than it was. However, now that it has started, I have learned to read and follow the signs.

No matter what we do, there has to be a beginning, a middle and an end. The timing of the start is not important, it is the fact that the start did happen that will have positive consequences going forward.

TOPS Healthy Lifestyle: Follow the Signs - Unders Construction

There were many signs that were out there, but some I ignored, and others I chose not to follow. I do not know why, it just happened that way.

I am being honest in saying that I do not know where I am on this journey. Sometimes I feel I am stuck in the middle. Reality tells me that any journey should come to an end at some point, but does it really? When I go on a trip and reach my destination, is it the end or is it the start of another journey …  a new beginning so to speak.

By no means am I admitting to being lost but with anything Under Construction, there will be times when things must be reevaluated.

I will share with you the signs that I have seen and used. You may have already followed these same signs or you may have ignored them … or followed some that I did not see. I hope you share these and discuss them with members in your chapter and also, with people you know who are not TOPS members.

I look forward to sharing this series with you. As I’m Under Construction I hope you will give me a direction with your comments on how you see a TOPS Healthy Lifestyle take shape … together, we just need to follow the signs.


4 thoughts on “TOPS Healthy Lifestyle: Follow the Signs – Under Construction

  1. Rick, thank you, I hope to join you on this journey as everyday is a blessing and a new challenge to continue to grow healthy, wealthy and wise!

  2. Anxious to follow you on your journey to good health through lifestyle changes with TOPS. THANKS for the invite.

  3. Your blog hit home for me today. I am literally under construction right now. I had a reverse shoulder replacement a week ago and now trying to patiently heal. it occurred to me that we are all under a constant state of destruction as we age, like the roads under construction, there is constant wear and tear on our bodies each time we move or don’t move. Our journey requires that we find the correct balance to feed and lubricate our parts by making healthy choices to aid in the construction and slow down the natural destruction. My normal way of curbing my cravings is to keep my hands busy knitting or crocheting. I am not allowed to use my right hand for six weeks . So I really need to pay attention to the signs that will misdirect my journey and follow the ones I need to keep going in the right direction. I will be using the Tops website and wish to thank you Rick for your inspirational messages.

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