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Persevere, Take Action

A SENSE-ble Look at Healthy Living: Time

I started this journey of a sense-ble look at healthy living about eight months ago. Time really flies when you’re doing something you enjoy. However, the time is finally here — the final installment of this series about senses. Yes, the eighteenth sense is the sense of time. Both my father and his father had great opinions whenever family and…

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A SENSE-ble Look at Healthy Living: Hunger

If you’ve been traveling with me since the beginning of this sense-ble look at healthy living, you knew we would get to this sense sooner or later. The sense of hunger may be the most complicated sense of all. My body letting me know I need to eat something to survive is important. However, why do I eat too much…

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A SENSE-ble Look at Healthy Living: Tension

I’ve been feeling a little bit nervous and tense lately. I’m really not sure why, and then I realized that this sense-ble look at a healthier lifestyle with eighteen senses was concluding soon. How ironic that the sixteenth sense turns out to be the sense of tension. Now, I’m sure the tension I feel on my belt after this holiday…

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Persevere, Share Support

A SENSE-ble Look at Healthy Living: Magnetoreception

I have a sense from the comments I’ve read that you all are enjoying this SENSE-ble look at a healthy lifestyle. I’ve enjoyed writing these refracted blogs and learning from them. I hope you’ll be attracted to the fifteenth sense I’m sharing: magnetoreception. Although not totally understood how sensing magnetic fields work in the animal kingdom, there is much evidence…

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