the constellation Phoenix

Aim for the Stars: Failure is an Option

All the information symbolized by each signpost builds on the next. One is not more important than the other; however, you may need to stay at one post longer than the next. There may be one signpost you favor that will set you on the correct path. The journey may be tough going at times. There may be slips and…

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the constellation Aquila
Persevere, Work Together

Aim for the Stars: Soaring to Success

There are many steps to take on any given journey. The directions depicted at each signpost continue to guide you on a successful conclusion. We all want to rise to great success, soaring to be above average. Our next-to-the-last signpost, Aquila (the Eagle), symbolizes that desire to gain great heights of success. A writer, Jack White, commented that “Eagles do…

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the constellation Sculptor
Miscellaneous, Persevere

Aim for the Stars: Body Shaping

As we continue on our journey to a healthier lifestyle, traveling by Cetus and Cygnus, there is one more signpost available to guide us on body image. Fat shaming and the desire to expose the beauty within may lead to unhealthy behaviors. You may get confused on what course you should follow. The signpost Sculptor is beneficial and can help…

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the constellation Cygnus

Aim for the Stars: Beauty Within

As we continue on our quest, we can see the next signpost that will help us combat the negativity of Cetus. Remember that family member who told me I was just as good as the next person? Well, the next signpost is a remarkable symbol of the beauty that dwells inside each one of us. That signpost is Cygnus, the…

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