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Aim for the Stars: Body Shaping

As we continue on our journey to a healthier lifestyle, traveling by Cetus and Cygnus, there is one more signpost available to guide us on body image. Fat shaming and the desire to expose the beauty within may lead to unhealthy behaviors. You may get confused on what course you should follow. The signpost Sculptor is beneficial and can help prevent you from making unwise choices.

the constellation Sculptor

Sculptor is not a prominent signpost; however, knowing that it was originally named Apparatus Sculptoris (“the sculptor’s studio”) is a powerful message. When I read about Sculptor’s studio, my first thought was a gym. I also thought of all the creative equipment being sold that promises great results. Exercise is essential, but too much of a good thing can be harmful.

Once again, society pressures have created a false image on what the perfect body type should be. We do not all need to have a bodybuilder physique. It’s important to build up your muscle mass and reduce fat. However, as Libra pointed out, a balance must exist. Keeping your body fat percentage low is vital, realizing that ratio will change as we age. There is so much more to sculpting a healthy you, though.

You don’t need to build up an excessive amount of muscle. There is no need to exclude all fats from your daily food intake. I cannot spend hours in a gym. I know that despite carrying a “keg” for many years, I will not have “six pack” abs. Nevertheless, using what I have learned, my overall health has greatly improved. A balanced approach was the key to putting me on the right path.

While Sculptor uses a mallet and a chisel for his tools, you have seen there are many tools available to remain on a journey that will sculpt a healthy you. Focusing on just one aspect will not guarantee success.

Your healthcare provider can help support the course you need to follow and determine any adjustments that are right for you. Oversculpting may change your outside appearance, but your health lies in an overall balanced approach.


This is part 13 of the multipart series, “Aim for the Stars.” In my next blog, we’ll look to the constellation Fornax.

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