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Aim for the Stars: Failure is an Option

All the information symbolized by each signpost builds on the next. One is not more important than the other; however, you may need to stay at one post longer than the next. There may be one signpost you favor that will set you on the correct path.

the constellation Phoenix

The journey may be tough going at times. There may be slips and falls, but you can quickly recover. Failure is an option if you choose to rise up again.

Yes, you can rise from the ashes like the Phoenix, the last signpost on the universal journey to a healthier lifestyle. The Phoenix reminds you that it is alright to start your journey again.

There is no time limit. You are not restricted to only a few chances. You can rise up again and again if needed. The universe has unlimited paths you can take to succeed.

As I prepare for the next series of blogs, the next installments will stand alone, reflecting on what is happening in real time. Possibly, when available, there will be guest blogs.

I hope you enjoyed this blog series, “Aim for the Stars.” You may have seen the entire journey presented at one of my visits to your area. Using this format was a way to share the messages, allowing anyone to use the information to enhance their journey to a healthier lifestyle.


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