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Aim for the Stars: Soaring to Success

There are many steps to take on any given journey. The directions depicted at each signpost continue to guide you on a successful conclusion. We all want to rise to great success, soaring to be above average.

the constellation Aquila

Our next-to-the-last signpost, Aquila (the Eagle), symbolizes that desire to gain great heights of success.

A writer, Jack White, commented that “Eagles do not escape a storm … They simply use the storm to lift them higher.” We must do the same. Use what was learned on your journey to lift you above the fray and propel you to success.

It’s interesting to note that a group of eagles is called a convocation. A convocation is a group of people that assembles for a special purpose. Sound familiar? You don’t want to be dragged down by negativity and naysayers. Seek people who also want to succeed or have been soaring like Aquila. Nothing breeds success like more success.

My wife Anne wrote a song several years ago called “Dare to Fly.” The lyrics speak volumes:

You’ve taken care of everyone, and it seems you end up last.

But the time has come to realize that time is slipping fast.

This is the moment that you’ve been waiting for.

It’s not too late to make a change; the best is still in store.

No more excuses! Don’t let it slip away.

You may never get a better chance than the start of this new day.

This time is your time to make your dreams come true.

If you want things to be different, it’s really up to you!

Dare to dream … see what’s waiting there for you.

Dare to look inside you … the strength is there to guide you.

Then spread your wings … dare to fly!

We don’t know about tomorrow and yesterday is gone.

All that we can do is the best we can, then rest when the day is done.

Don’t stop believing or reaching for the sky.

If you want to soar with eagles, you’ve gotta learn to fly!

Don’t wait until tomorrow ‘cause this day was meant for you!

There’s so much more that you still want to do!

Each day is a blessing and another reason why.

The time is now … don’t pass it by.

Just spread your wings … and FLY!

Dare to try … you’ll never KNOW until you do.

Dare to dream … find what matters most to you!

Then spread your wings … Spread your wings and fly! Just fly … like an eagle … just fly.   

(Anne Danforth – 10/2014)

The only person stopping you from taking off to new heights is you. Set your aim high. Eagles soar because they always focus on their goals.


This is part 16 of the multipart series, “Aim for the Stars.” In my next blog, we’ll look to our final constellation, Phoenix.

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