TOPS Healthy Lifestyle: Follow the Signs – Detour

In my refracted view, this next sign for some could be considered good or bad. We all have had to abide by the instructions of a DETOUR sign. Some may think negatively and say this new route will make the trip longer than planned. Personally, I try to look at a DETOUR sign in a positive fashion. It directs me to an area I would have never seen because I would have always traveled the same route. And yes, there are times when the DETOUR is important and necessary since the road ahead may have dangerous conditions. 

My life has had a DETOUR sign pop up now and then. Sure, at the time, they may have been a little inconvenient. However, I did learn from the delays. It is just another way of stating these DETOUR signs can be taken as life lessons. 

Looking at my life journey, (which I have stated that I ignored the DANGER AHEAD sign for too long) I took a great DETOUR when my wife, Anne, decided to join TOPS. I can honestly state I was not planning to go that route. The road I was on was certainly a slippery slope since I was not my healthiest self. 

Even when Anne and I started the new DETOUR together, we were both aware of the UNDER CONSTRUCTION sign and needed to be patient. All through our time in TOPS, I acknowledged many DETOUR signs, trying different roads on my journey. Some of which were planned and some of which were not. 

Again, I really try to take any DETOUR as a positive sign. I became the leader of our chapter which made me a better TOPS member. A DETOUR sign also took me to be more involved with recognition days which led me on the road to being a Coordinator.  

At the time of any DETOUR, you may not know what you will learn from the new route. Just be ready to STOP or YIELD a bit, keeping an open mind as you gather the INFORMATION

Refracting back on my life (you tend to do that when you get to be my age, thank you TOPS), I realize that I am extremely fortunate considering the original path I was on.  

People were surprised when I left my laboratory career to take on the task of being the President of TOPS. I worked in a laboratory for 40 years. But at the same time, I was participating in local politics, being involved with municipal regulations and honing my public speaking skills. So, to me, it really was not much of a DETOUR. Again, it was a positive sign. 

However, the irony is not lost that my Clinical Microbiology teacher’s first name was Esther and my lab supervisor’s first name was Barbara. I am not joking, that is true and for the other part of the equation, there is something ironic in having a microbiologist be President of TOPS during a pandemic.  

Now, that pandemic was truly a huge DETOUR but we came out the other side. Always be ready to learn, adapt and follow your SPEED LIMIT.


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