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Not long ago, I received an email from a 5-year KOPS, asking for a blog on continuing the journey. Wow, that brought me up short! I figured, incorrectly, that a member who had maintained goal that long had this weight thing all figured out, and was sailing along smoothly with no worries. Wrong, Barbara!

As I reflected on my own journey and those of so many others who travel this road beside me… no matter how far along the path that each of is. This pointed me to the need to ask questions of fellow members and listen carefully to what each one had to say. I discovered that (to paraphrase Mia Angelou) we are definitely more alike than we are different.

Here are just a handful of the commonalities that seem to keep us from keeping on if we do not recognize and act upon then. We will encounter a wide variety of hindrances, obstacles, detours and challenges and often at the most unexpected times. As time passes, we may forget the importance of the purpose of the goal we originally set. was. Many other events will distract us, lead us in a different direction and steer us away from a clear path. Our original intent and enthusiasm fades and may be replaced by boredom, complacence and waning motivation to continue. Some pieces of advice to combat all of this include:

  • Believe in what you are doing – – and the reason you decided to do. Living your best life each day is the best!
  • Know you have the ability to succeed – – reflect on the distance you have traveled to renew your strength and enthusiasm. Keep enjoying each day!
  • Keep focused on your goal – – being healthy, active and happy as you journey on is so important. Making great memories as you go makes the trip even more worthwhile.
  • Don’t focus on the circumstances – – there will be rough spots to navigate. Focus on overcoming each challenge and learning from it to empower the journey.
  • “No” may actually mean “I don’t know” – – if a path chosen, doesn’t work out, you may just need to find another way to go. You may not know the route to choose right away but persist. The right way for you is there.
  • Encourage yourself – – be your own cheerleader. Look into your memory and bring forward those shining moments of success to lift you through rough spots. Embrace that happiness and joy, and smile.
  • Don’t give up or give in – – keep searching, learning and growing. You can overcome and continue.

“The most essential factor is persistence — the determination never to allow your energy or enthusiasm to be dampened by a discouragement that must inevitably come.” – James Whitcomb Riley

Learning as I go, Barb

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