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Living Your Best Life

woman walking her dog outsideFor many years, I focused incredible amounts of energy on making changes. If anything was made apparent in 2020, it was the simple fact that change happens regardless of my focus and that I will find a way to deal with it in order to live my best life. During the year, this goal became increasingly clear as I discovered that on any given day, I might need to change my changes!

With all that has happened that has been totally beyond my control, I took the opportunity to reexamine key parts of my thought process and how what I think helps me get through rough times. I came up with some questions to ask myself:

  • Am I willing to try new things and do differently?
  • Am I willing to stand up for what I believe in a respectful manner?
  • Am I making every effort to live my best life each day?
  • Am I seeking solutions instead of excuses?
  • What am I willing to give and expect to receive from others?
  • Who really has my back, and who is a secret saboteur?

During these months of restricted socialization, each interaction is much more important. Also, acknowledging self-worth and practicing self-care are critical to maintaining a positive attitude each day. When put to the test, we find that we are often stronger than we think and how important a true support network is in living one’s best life.

There is a song by Kelly Clarkson called “Unbreakable” that I stumbled upon while driving to visit a family member that echoes these thoughts. Let’s not waste time dwelling on who or what we cannot change. Instead, let’s focus on making the very best of all the good in our lives each and every day. Letting go of negativity is liberating.

I invite you to join me in my daily practice of exercises:

  • Pick one new thing and try it.
  • Pick a small act of kindness to share with a stranger. (Even a smile counts.)
  • Pick a task and get it done.
  • Praise a friend for being just that.
  • Go outside and move as best you can. Then sit quietly and listen to the world.
  • Repeat.

I Care, Barb

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