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Real People… Real Potential

What is your potential? What are you willing to be?

I recently read a story of a St. Louis doctor who met a young man in high school who had lost his hand at the wrist. When the doctor asked about his handicap, the young man responded, “I don’t have a handicap sir, I just don’t have a right hand.” The doctor later learned that the young man was one of the leading scorers on his high school football team. He was able to grow and achieve in spite of what some people saw as a handicap.

This made me wonder what is currently limiting my potential. I may face challenges, and while they might be legitimate obstacles, I get to decide whether they interrupt my journey toward my potential … or if they will halt my growth altogether. No matter what work I do or where I do it, my greatest challenge is me! Business philosopher and author Jim Rohn may have said it best when he expressed, “In order to do more, I’ve got to be more!” I like this statement a great deal because it reminds me that as long as I am continuing to grow, my potential is also continuing to grow. When I accept perceived road blocks or handicaps, then I have accepted that my potential is limited. In reality, it is like trying to move forward by staying in the same place.

What is your potential? Have you ever felt that you were stuck in some aspect of your life? Do you want to lose weight but you seem to have stalled? Perhaps the greatest handicap any of us has is not realizing our potential. What dreams do you have that are just waiting to be fulfilled? What gifts and talents are inside of you that are dying to be drawn out and developed? The gap between your vision and your present reality can only be filled through a commitment to maximize your potential. Remember the words of Jim Rohn, “In order to do more, I must be more!” What are you willing to be?

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