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person standing on a scaleWhen you’re doing well with something, don’t you want to brag? When things aren’t going well, we tend not to mention anything about it. This works the same for our journey to better health. This is why accountability is so important.

Many feel that being accountable to someone is the most important thing they can do. Going to a meeting and being weighed works for many, but it can also turn into something we just do that doesn’t really affect the choices we make each day.

How do we celebrate after a loss? Do we give up after a gain? When we look back at how we handled our choices, did the weight that was gained or lost seem to help on the journey?

The most important accountability is to yourself. You know when you haven’t done well. You know when you’ve made the right choices. You’re the one who knows how your health changed. Our brains need to be convinced that we’re making the right choices. If we’re accountable to ourselves, we’ll make better choices.

The first thing we need to do is be honest with ourselves and take stock in where we are, right now. We won’t be able to see progress if we don’t know where we’ve been.

Next, we need to make a plan for positive change. Finding ways to mark when we’ve followed that plan is a great way to hold ourselves accountable. Taking charge of our plan and not letting others try to run it will benefit us in the end.

When we own our progress, we see what the benefits of better health are. Don’t find yourself in the rut of going through the motions because you think that’s what’s expected of you. Rather, take control and make the best choices possible for each and every day. Hold yourself accountable for your progress, and celebrate all that you’ve accomplished.

Carol Holtz
Virtual Programming Administrator
Online Facilitator and Board Member

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