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thirty minutes on a stopwatchI thoroughly enjoyed Gina’s previous blog on behaviors. The technique she came up with to handle her love of sweets was inspired. Listening to others is definitely helpful. While each of us may have different strategies that work for us in similar situations, the important thing is to figure out which method works best for us.

I was reminded by Gina’s post that time is a major ally in making decisions. The gift of time allows one to consider needs, wants, desires and consequences of the choices we’re contemplating. I can hear my grandfather saying, “Act in haste; repent in leisure!” Time truly is my friend.

To my regret, I sometimes forget this truth. Prioritizing time is equally important. When making a list of things to accomplish in the time available, ranking things from most to least important can be very helpful. It’s a wonderful way to minimize procrastination.

Setting aside 30 minutes of time for activity is a challenge for me. I used to start every day with this on the list but found I often shuffled it to the bottom of my “must do’s” and left it still undone by nightfall. However, I dislike sitting at a desk for long periods because I feel stiff and achy when I try to get up.

So, I began setting my computer timer for an hour. When it rings, I take an “activity break.” I physically leave my office and spend ten minutes being active in some way. If the weather is OK, out the door I go. It’s amazing how far one can walk in ten minutes. That time constraint pushes me to go faster. When I return to my desk, I reset the timer for another hour. Also, at the end of the day, I find that while I couldn’t find 30 minutes in one swoop, I found a total of more than 50 minutes throughout the day! Bonus — I feel more limber, flexible and energized.

Do you have a behavior that could benefit from some time?

Learning as I go, Barb

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