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Why Do I Put Off to Tomorrow What I Could Do Today?

Procrastination“Why do I put off to tomorrow what I could do today? If it is due, then do it until it’s done!”

I can almost hear my mom saying those words when I was a teenager with chores to be done, and I certainly remember her words flowing from my mouth as I asked my teenage sons the same thing! The answer then and now is … I really didn’t want to do it! So, I procrastinated.

Of course, there are other reasons for this. Sometimes I resisted doing something because I was afraid I might fail. I soon discovered that I learned more with each attempt whether it was successful or not. Swimming classes brought this lesson home! I simply had to get into the water in order to swim. Much to my delight, I found that my body would float if I just relaxed. Fighting the process just wasted my energy and time. If I wanted to swim, I had to get wet. There was no way around it.

I had to own my choices and actions (or lack thereof) if I wanted to swim. I pictured Olympic swimmers gliding through the water and the lifeguard at the lake where I learned to swim. He helped me break down my goal into manageable steps that actually built my confidence as each skill was mastered. My inner voice began to say, “You are a swimmer.” Eventually, I certified as a lifeguard, receiving that special patch from the Red Cross to wear on my swimsuit and pay the gift forward.

This lesson has served me well throughout my life. The steps are simple and move me forward when I seem to be stalling out. If you have something you have been putting off, maybe this basic approach will help you in moving forward.

I invite you to get out your notebook and write down what you say you want but have not been doing or have been avoiding. What are some reasons that you have been delaying? How can you remove these blocks to moving forward? How will you feel as you take the first step, the second, the third? Maybe, like me, you will begin to “swim” on your own surrounded by friends!

Remember, once you start, it is always your choice to continue, regroup or stop. But waiting until tomorrow never works because “tomorrow never comes!”

I Care, Barb

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