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Foggy or Focused?

Mountains and forestSpringtime in the hills of West Virginia often has very foggy mornings. As the sun appears over the mountains and the fog begins to lift and eventually burn off, what was murky and vague becomes crisp and clear against a bright blue sky. Sipping a cup of coffee on the back porch as this unfolds helps clear my mind as I plan for the new day. This simple pause to think begins to bring focus to the events of the day.

Yet, I have found that when I want to change anything, that real concentration of thought is needed. This requires much more energy than it seems. There are so many other things running through my mind, taking place in my life and happening around me, that what I really want to change often gets shoved aside and forgotten in the day-to-day events that flow in a steady stream.

As the day passes, the “weather” may change and with it, many plans alter! That is where the fight really begins. I have to ask myself if I am just hoping things will change.

I find jotting my thoughts down really helps me. Do I have a clear idea of what I want? Do I believe in my own ability to make things happen? What things can I point to as proof to keep me going when the going gets tough?

Do I have a plan to turn my wishes into reality? Have I assembled what I need to get started? What is my first checkpoint to see how the plan is working? When does it begin? How will I modify the plan if needed? Is now the time to roll up my sleeves and get busy? If not now, when?

I invite you to get out your notebook and join me by starting to write your own success story today. We can do it if we stick to it!

I Care, Barb

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