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Using the ABCs to Care for Ourselves

Back to Basics alphabet blocksWhat a pleasure it has been to wander through the alphabet with you this past year. I am quite happy with the personal, positive vocabulary I have built through the 52 weeks of our journey. Below is my list. I have it posted on my refrigerator as a happy reference.


Barb's ABC list


I hope you are also happy with yours! All of the blogs are archived in Getting Back to Basics. You can download and print the personal vocabulary list here, called “Going from A to Z.” You can also find it on the Chapter Contests and Activities page near the bottom in “Real People … an Alphabet Adventure.”

I would love it if you would share the empowering word list you built to continue your journey of good health. Please feel free to share it through

The next series of blog topics will focus on various aspects of Self Care. In it, we will be aiming our attention at ways we nurture ourselves throughout our journeys. I think all of us have been told more than once that we should eat less and move more. I also think that each of us has found that this is a very simplified approach to leading our best lives and effectively dealing with weight management. So much more lies beyond the basic physics of the equation. Joining me during these discussions will be the narrator of our Peaceful Place Relaxation CD, Deanna Bies, who is one of TOPS Service Program Administrators. Deanna has also served TOPS as an Area Captain, Coordinator, Regional Director and Retreat Director and is a member of our Board of Directors. Your suggestions and comments are always welcome as we move forward together.

I Care, Barb

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