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Attitudes: Positive or Negative?

Change to a positive attitudeWhenever this topic crosses my mind, I hear coach and trainer Zig Ziglar saying that it is time for “a checkup from the neck up” and time to “stop stinkin’ thinkin’.”

Dr. Michelle Robin states that “Your mind will always believe everything you tell it.” Since we have about 40,000 thoughts every day, what we say to ourselves is extremely powerful. When someone we highly value utters a remark we take as negative, it may get stuck in our minds and in our self-talk. It is repeated thousands of times with huge impact.

Attitude affects our thoughts and behaviors. A positive one may be the most valuable asset you own. The good news is that you always have the power to make your attitude better. It’s your choice but it does take work to turn a negative attitude into a more positive one.

Each day, I set aside time to reflect and review my current attitudes. I try to be neither a Negative Nellie or a Pollyanna and search for the good to build upon. In other words, my glass is neither half empty nor half full. The glass has water in it, which quenches my thirst and can be refilled. I have the choice to replenish my glass and friends to help me find a safe source.

All of us know that change is a fact of life. It is always present. It is not always within our control. It is not always what we would desire. Fortunately, how we respond to change is within our control. Change is an opportunity. We can learn from it, modify what we can, deal with what is beyond our ability as best we can, enlist help and focus on positive outcomes and a better life.

To use Ziglar’s phrase, if my thinkin’ is stinkin’, what or who is affecting my attitudes? I invite you to get out your notebook and join me in examining our attitudes. How can I improve my outlook? What past successes and happy experiences can I draw upon? What is the purpose I pursue with joyful passion? What excites and motivates me to make the best use of this day? Who will support me as I move through difficulties, overcome challenges and keep me focused on achieving my best life?

I Care, Barb

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