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basket of fresh cherriesAs a TOPS member, learning to make lifestyle changes that will give me good health so I can live longer and enjoy life to the fullest is important. Behavior and habits are related. “Good” behavior would mean I didn’t gobble my food or eat it so rapidly that I didn’t enjoy each bite. When I’m home alone, I should have the same behavior eating that I would have in public.

I personally love Bing cherries and look forward to them when they’re in season. I remember eating some on my way home from the grocery store years ago by just putting one in my mouth at a time, spitting out the seed, and eating it rapidly so I could grab another one to inhale. After a few without really enjoying the taste, I ate one very slowly and savored the taste. It’s amazing when I eat slowly how I don’t eat as much and I enjoy my food more. This behavior took me several years to learn. This year, I bought a few Bing cherries and waited until I got home, washed a few, put them in a small bowl, sat, and enjoyed each one. I was satisfied with the few I purchased and didn’t buy more later.

I don’t have the craving for sweets that I had when I first joined TOPS. I remember distinctly cutting a piece of cake or pie when it was on the counter and just putting it in my hand and immediately transferring it to my mouth. It was instant gratification. I normally (when the children were home) had more homemade goodies around. I learned 20 minutes after you eat something that you don’t even remember you ate it.

When I had goodies at the house and they started calling my name, before I cut a piece, I set the timer on the stove for 20 minutes and went about my business. Sometimes when the timer went off, I could reason with myself and tell myself that if I had already eaten it, I wouldn’t have remembered — and I would almost break my arm patting myself on the back because I refrained from adding extra calories to my day. However, when the timer went off, if I still felt I had to have whatever was calling my name, I would take a small plate out of the cupboard, cut a small piece of it, sit down with a fork and enjoy the item.

As years went on, I learned that the first bite tasted just like the last bite, and I have been able to feel satisfied by a smaller piece of dessert of any kind. I had a KOPS friend who made a lot of cookies for her children — she always ate the last cookie, and that was the only cookie she had of the entire batch no matter how many she made.

That is impressive behavior towards food.

Gina Brueske
TOPS Secretary and Board Member

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