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Real People… Real Reflection

Following our chapter’s first quarter award meeting of this New Year, we engaged in one of my favorite activities: “What have you learned so far this year?” The question has been tossed out many times and usually gets the same responses.

Our leader added a bit to it this time to help everyone focus on what we are about. She asked:

  • Have you made progress since January?
  • Why?
  • How?

These additions required each of us to reflect on what we saw as our greatest area of concern and how we could improve in that area. Then, she added:

  • What help do you need?

This question called to our attention our individual and group responsibilities to each other’s improvement.

As I tried to read our body language, I could see some of us acknowledging responses by nodding in agreement or approval. Sadly, I could also read a few who were acknowledging resistance by crossed arms and looking away or showing a complete lack of interest as they played with cell phones or talked with others. These are the people we most need to engage in our common purpose.

Each week, or more realistically, each day, we should take a bit of time to reflect on our performance. If we journal our feelings as well as our food intake, it may make it easier for us to see the patterns we have developed over the years.

At the end of each day, or the beginning of the next, perhaps we should ask ourselves a series of reflective questions.

  • What triggered us to spin out of control?
  • What kept us on the right path?
  • What type of food did we reach for to cope with the feeling?
  • What can we do next time to deal with a stressor without the food?

Think of the events that led up to that point and decide how it could have been different.

  • Did you react rather than respond?
  • Did you blame yourself or absorb the responsibility for something that was out of your control in the first place?

Reflecting on our choices and actions can help regain focus.

  • Will eating something or more than you need solve anything?
  • Will it make you feel better? Will it get you where you want to go?

Through the process of reflection, we will be able to create a plan that will move us forward, allowing us to reach our greatest goals. As you reflect, ask yourself if the plan is working. If not, change the plan!

I care, Barb


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