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Still on The Road…Excellence—not Average

We live in a society in which average is good enough for most. “Don’t work too hard” is a popular slogan, and excellence is almost frowned upon. The right to become unequal by choice or effort, to climb toward a pinnacle, is sometimes confused in a misunderstanding of equality. Are we settling for minimum effort in our chapters and setting our goals too low?

Shooting at the target

As this new year begins, what is your personal target? Are you aiming for excellence? You have what it takes to achieve your best self. The question is: “Are you willing to use what you have and go for it?” If you have decided that this is your year to be excellent, consider the following:

  1. Take responsibility for giving up bad habits and invalid assumptions.
  2. Take responsibility for setting a positive example in your life.
  3. Distance yourself from those who are not helping you succeed, and in fact, may be holding you back.
  4. Lead yourself, and others, down new and unfamiliar paths.
  5. Work toward the goal and be willing to delay gratification to get there.
  6. Be willing to face criticism and jealousy from those who want to keep you stuck in place with them, instead of moving forward.

Is this your year to move beyond average? Our personal rewards are a reflection of our efforts. Successful people understand the greatest competition they will ever face is the one against their own thoughts and limitations. It really is pretty basic; want to be on time…give up being late, want to be happy….give up being sad, want to be great…give up being good! I believe in you and will be cheering for you to become your best self!

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