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Together We Can

festive glitter effect on purple backgroundA brand new year is here! How exciting it is to have so many presents! I started with 365 and have had the joy of opening three of them so far — several opportunities for learning, growth, accomplishment and success!

I’m equally fortunate to have wonderful coworkers, friends and family to support my journey to the healthiest, most active life I can achieve and from whom I can learn as we travel along. This year’s blog overview will be “together we can.” I’ve invited individuals who I know and respect to share their thoughts on twelve essential topics with us. The topics will be a monthly feature on listening, planning, restarting, behaviors, accountability, stress, emotions, habits, support, happiness attitude, focus and success. Of course, I’ll continue to share my thoughts with you as we learn from our guest bloggers.

Everyone we meet will teach us something if we remain open, aware and receptive. I learned that lesson before I started kindergarten from an extremely kind and patient man, and I can still vividly recall the details. I’ve carried it forward (applying it often) to this very day. Those who cross our paths have the potential to enrich our lives in ways of which we may be totally unaware at first meeting.

This is my year to open my mind to the world, absorb as much as possible, nurture others and myself, and learn new things! Ending the year better than it begins is my objective. My personal challenge is to define and implement a SMART goal based on what each guest blogger shares. Change is essential for progress, and trying a different approach may just be the fuel to accelerate growth. I challenge you to join me in this journey.

“Please, take my hand and I’ll take yours. We will start out today. A helping hand is what I need to guide me along the way. The road to goal can be a rocky path, and we need someone to care. So, reach out my friend and take my hand. Then, we are almost there.”

I care, Barb

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