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Do Something Exciting

fish jumping out to a new bowlRecently, I asked myself the following question: “When was the last time you did something for the first time?” It actually took me only a few moments, thanks to the upheaval of routine in 2020, to come up with several new things. That had me grinning from ear to ear.

Being in a rut, locked into the same old routine, and passing on new experiences can rob one of the joy and delight to be found in each day. Yes, we are busy—we have obligations, responsibilities, duties and schedules, but we also need to stay in touch with the power of freedom of choice.

When I first began my weight-loss journey as a young girl, there were many people who filled my head with all the things I could NOT enjoy. I was told by well-intended adults that certain foods were off-limits, certain clothing was not advised, certain activities were not appropriate … all because of my size. Had I listened to them, my life would have become more constricted with each passing year.

Fortunately, there were other key players whose judgment I valued and respected who overrode the naysayers with their encouragement. I am so grateful I listened to them and learned from their examples. Do not put living your best life on hold until… Focus on living your best life every day in all ways.

My challenge for you is to decide to:

• Embrace adventure.
Try something new.
Fail and learn from it.
• Do something different.
• Expand your horizons.
• Make your journey joyful.

I am eager for you to share your excitement with me.

Our time is like water in a sieve. No matter how hard we try, the droplets will eventually be gone. Let’s touch all we can and nourish the lives we touch so that they will blossom and, in turn, nourish others. Live life fully until every drop is used.

Paraphrasing Tim McGraw in “Live Like You Were Dying”: Love deeply, speak kindly, treat tomorrow as an unopened gift, and appreciate today as the present it is.

I Care, Barb

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