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team of people working together on a large puzzleHaving read Sandra’s great perspective on an important piece of the healthy living puzzle, I’m reminded of a quote from the oldest signer of the U.S. Constitution, Benjamin Franklin: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

Knowing sometimes is the easiest part of the “change” equation. I can usually identify many issues with reasonable clarity, but I do have a tendency to shortcut the process, going straight to implementation without appropriate planning and finding myself adrift without a compass to navigate. So this message caused a lot of reflection. Planning requires both time and thought before we “do.”

After considerable reflection, my SMART goal on planning is one of identifying, prioritizing and choosing:

  • What one specific thing am I going to focus in on?
  • What one thing, right now, most needs my focused attention?
  • What change will bring the greatest impact?
  • How will I make the change and within what timeframe? Is this realistic and attainable?

I cannot do everything at once, and I accept that. To paraphrase the character Winchester from the old M*A*S*H series, “Do one thing, do it very well, then move on.”

I realized last week that I want to do it all at the same time, which results in diffusing effort and focus to the point where nothing really gets done as well as it could. Less truly is sometimes more!

Making small changes in a variety of areas will be helpful in living my healthiest and most active life. I picked one to work on until the next blog. Why don’t you select one thing to hone in on with laser vision, define the steps you will take, and act accordingly for the next two weeks? See what happens!

A goal is just a wish without a plan. A plan is just a dream without action. Know, Plan, and Act.

Learning as I go, Barb

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