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Accept That Life Is Hard

an unstraight line from A to BToday’s post is another lesson learned from me, Barb.

Barb Cady’s Lesson

Accept That Life Is Hard

If ever there was a book to reflect the feelings of so many at this time, it might be called “The Road Less Traveled.” The book could start with these three words: “Life is difficult.”

The year 2020 has certainly reinforced this truth. Understanding and accepting that can truly help us live more effectively. Life is simply not going to go along without hardship to contend with at some point in time. When hardship comes, we have to adjust. How we adjust to difficulties as they arise can make all the difference between succeeding and failing. Ignoring a problem will rarely make it go away, but working through one will usually resolve it. The best approach is most often meeting the challenge head-on and finding a solution that allows progress to continue.

A wonderfully-insightful friend of mind who is a retired teacher shared this philosophy with me, and I have definitely put it to the test this year. Problems, challenges and obstacles are really opportunities to learn, discover and grow. With changes mandated by restrictions during the pandemic, I’ve had to dig down, work hard and find new, innovative, meaningful ways to connect with others and continue to be of service. What a wonderful opportunity this has proven to be. The results have far exceeded my initial expectations when the journey began.

I’ve learned that I was determined to find a way and unwilling to quit seeking. I’ve learned that I was determined to rise above the obstacles placed in my path and that I had a real sense of accomplishment when I found a new way of doing. As a result of meeting these hardships, I grew, gained new skills and gained new strengths that I will happily carry into the future.

My first step forward was to accept that life is hard. Things worth achieving don’t come quickly or easily. They come with a price. They come as the result of time, effort, sacrifice and pain. Celebrate, treasure and enjoy your accomplishments!

As the old song says, “That’s life!”

I Care, Barb

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