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Freedom Is Priceless

cookie being progressively eatenOur next Board member to weigh in with a lesson learned during the pandemic is TOPS Treasurer, Sandra Seidlitz. She is also a KOPS and hails from the province of Alberta.

Sandra Seidlitz’s Lesson

Freedom Is Priceless

Sandra SeidlitzMy mother said I was born “old.” Being an only child, I pretty well did what I wanted. I learned to decide what I wanted to do and then planned a way of doing it. It usually worked out. It still does.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made me sit back and think hard. I could no longer travel, go shopping, have my family over for dinner, have friends visit, slip out to the grocery store or even go for a quick lunch.

It’s not that I have trouble finding things to do at home, but I resent not being able to go where I want to go. I make good meals at home, but I get tired of them. It is so easy to add extra spoonfuls (or even another helping, or another cookie when passing the cookie jar), knowing I won’t have to be weighed at my meeting. This is not the time to make all the new recipes I’ve searched for on days when I’m bored. Keeping busy while not involving food is paramount.

If I want my weight to stay the same (I am a KOPS), I must take this on as a project. No one is going to help me. It is up to me. My chapter contacts me but I’m really missing the hugs. I feel the urge to contact members more often because I don’t know when I will see them again.

I hope that anyone who has put on a few pounds during self-isolation will not just accept the way it is. They should give TOPS a try. I hope to see you there.

All my life I have been practicing for this. I am waiting for the time I can live my life again, free as a bird. I might never be home again!

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