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That’s Life

dove of peace and staying peacefulThanks to my fellow Board members for sharing, during the past months, some of the lessons they’ve learned since COVID-19 quarantining began in March. It was informative to see how each was impacted by and is dealing with the many aspects associated with the required and recommended changes. Judging by your responses, their insights hit resonating chords. Throughout TOPS Nation, we are together in this journey, and we continue to help each other.

It’s almost as if a popular song of the mid ‘60s recorded by Frank Sinatra, “That’s Life,” was written exactly for where we find ourselves almost 60 years later! Building upon what was discussed in the last blog of 2020, remember … STUFF HAPPENS.

  • Some things are beyond our control.
  • Friendship is a priceless gift.
  • Support, caring and understanding are true treasures.
  • If one stays flexible, one can find a way to make it through.
  • We have the courage necessary to do “new.”
  • An old dog can definitely learn new tricks.

This time in which we find ourselves isn’t really a “new normal.” Change occurred as it always does. Yes, some changes were very quick and obvious, but they didn’t signal the end of life as I knew it. Some even produced good results. Being “off the road” for the longest period of time in forty years gave me the wonderful gift of time at home. I’m deeply grateful to have become reacquainted with so many things that had been taken for granted and were underappreciated.

Nothing stays the same forever. Living is a journey, and change is part of the trip. Have you become more in touch with yourself and your core values?

  • Do you readjust, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and find the way to move forward?
  • How have you evolved, grown and adjusted?
  • Whom are you asking for support?
  • Are you accepting that which helps?

Let’s continue to live our best lives. Don’t let others put you down or discourage you. Please, share lessons you’re learning each day. Together, we are unstoppable. DO NOT QUIT!

I Care, Barb

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