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No Need to Be Perfect to Make a Difference

woman wearing a maskAnother important lesson to share is true insight, again by Gina Brueske. She serves as TOPS Board Secretary, Retreat Assignment and Booking Director—and she’s a KOPS!

Gina Brueske’s Lesson

No Need to Be Perfect to Make a Difference!

Gina-BrueskeWe moved to a rural area of eastern Washington in late 2007, from a larger city in the western part of the state. Basically you can drive east, west, south or north nearly two hours to a stoplight. We don’t get mail delivered to our home. We have a box at a post office, which is the only business in the nearest town one mile away.

What I’m getting at is that we’re literally alone (or in quarantine) the majority of the time. Our three children and grandchildren all live in different states and aren’t able to visit frequently.

During the pandemic, I’ve felt I should make masks for our family. However, in 1998, I lost sight in my left eye and gave up sewing (except for patching), as I can’t see to thread my sewing machine. Several years ago, my sister-in-law (who is a quilter) gave me some scraps of fabric to make doll clothes for my youngest granddaughter. I ordered elastic for this project and when the elastic arrived, there was also a pattern for a mask but no instructions. I guessed I could figure the pattern out!

I hate to say it took me close to seven hours and many ripped-out stitches to get one mask made correctly. Several attempts were thrown away. All night while sleeping, I made masks in my dreams. I awoke having gotten the pattern down. I got more fabric from a TOPS quilting friend in the area, and with black thread on the top and white in the bobbin, I made masks even though I’m not fast.

What a fun project this has been. With an investment of less than $20, I made over 100 masks to give to family members and friends. Persistence and patience prevailed. I was given supplies, my husband threaded my machine, and I was able to fill a need with items I had and that were given to me. My recipients weren’t picky. “Protection,” not “Perfection” became my motto. I’m loving sewing again.

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