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Real People… Real Lifesaving

Business Woman With Life Preserver

The week after Christmas has been one I have traditionally used for quiet reflection and evaluation. This year is no exception. I am particularly grateful that I challenged myself to get through the holidays with a 5-pound loss and for … Continue reading

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Real People… Real Growth

Never Stop Learning

Look around! If you look closely, you can see a pattern at work in every facet of life. Employees get better after their supervisors do. Kids get better after their parents do. Students get better after their teachers do. Customers … Continue reading

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Real People… Real Confusion

Confused business man looking at a book

Confusion precedes learning. The anxious thoughts that seem so puzzling or discouraging are actually your gateway to understanding. Only by persistently doing battle with the things you cannot yet do or that which you do not yet understand can you … Continue reading

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Real People… Real Direction


Left turn in one-point-three miles… In today’s society, almost everyone is familiar with the monotone-like voice of the GPS. It is a fascinating bit of technology, which when given the appropriate information, will plot your course and take you to … Continue reading

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Real People… Real Reflection


Following our chapter’s first quarter award meeting of this New Year, we engaged in one of my favorite activities: “What have you learned so far this year?” The question has been tossed out many times and usually gets the same … Continue reading

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Real People–Real Life…Real Learning


The word “fail” is a verb and is defined as falling short of success or achievement. The word “failure” is a noun defined as the person or thing that is unsuccessful at achieving. I understand the first but am a … Continue reading

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Still on the Road… Miss Barb is driving

Lady Driving Car

Getting one’s drivers license is considered a rite of passage which serves as a sign that a young person is one step closer to becoming an adult. I actually got my driver’s license on the very day that I turned … Continue reading

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