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Are You Listening?

two people not listening to each otherThe first Board member to share “Lessons Learned” is TOPS President Rick Danforth, who is a Century Award winner.

Rick Danforth’s Lesson

COVID Communications: Are you listening?

Rick DanforthHow often have you used the following phrases: “I didn’t know that.” “You’re not listening.” “That’s not what I meant.”

With so many forms of communication, why are these phrases used? Is it possible that everything is getting lost in the noise? Alternatively, if you don’t like the message, do you work in your own interpretations?

Proper communication is very vital. You don’t want to make a good situation bad or make a bad situation worse. We get information in many ways: print, TV, phone, emails, internet, letters, Facebook and others. One would think that with all these options, we would be well-informed. However, we continue to miss the mark. Misinformation takes place, people are misunderstood and misconceptions become problems…and some people never seem receive the message.

Are you listening?

During a time of crisis, it’s very important for everyone to get the same message. Everyone is on edge. You must get straight to the point and not let the medium alter the message. There may not be a second chance.

I learned how difficult it is to keep everyone informed about anything new or changing in TOPS Nation during a tough time. Good intentions do not mask poor communication. Heck, it’s not that easy even during good times.

Are you listening?

Some may say that the information is not helping them. Sometimes the tone of what is said or written is mistaken as confrontational. There seems to be a lot of noise, but are the lines of communication open?

Anybody can communicate, but for communications to be successful, there must be someone who is listening. Listening is the most difficult part and takes practice. Most of us, while listening, are trying to think of a response before the message is completely delivered—thus missing the real message.

Are you listening?

Effective communication and learning new platforms can go a long way to help us achieve our mission. However, we not only have to practice listening to others; we also need to practice listening to ourselves before we communicate.

Are you listening?

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